About Me


Hello, and Welcome to Food Allergy Parents!

My name is Val Breit, and I’m the founder of Food Allergy Parents.

I started this blog several years into our journey as food allergy parents. My husband and I went from loving peanut butter with just about everything to strictly avoiding letting anything with peanuts in it near our child or home for years.


How It All Started

My journey as a food allergy parent began when our 1-year-old developed a severe Peanut Allergy. We battled multiple anaphylactic allergies, intolerances, and eczema for years.

We’ve had periods of being free from peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, egg, latex, and more.

After trudging through the lonely and overwhelming years of “What in the world can we eat?” and “How can we do this thing called life outside of our home with anaphylactic and multiple allergies?” I felt called to use my research and writing skills to help other food allergy families find allergy-free foods, substitutions, recipes, deals, and hope.💙

Overcoming Food Allergies

After 7 long years of this journey, it’s surreal to share that our daughter officially is no longer allergic to any foods or latex! She was anaphylactic to multiple things, had contact reactions, and had eczema and joint pain for years.

We took a holistic approach to health, focused on gut health and calming the immune system, along with faith and prayer, to slowly overcome all her allergies.

Now I am passionate about sharing what we’ve learned about food and health.

Food allergies also led us to homeschooling. We were reluctant at first but have found this lifestyle of learning together as a family is so much better (and different) than we expected! So you’ll find some information about homeschooling here too.

Better Health, Stronger Family, Less Stress

People read Food Allergy Parents for a variety of reasons.

I recognize that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to health and food allergies, and I encourage readers to find what works best for them.

Wherever you are on your food allergy, health, or homeschooling journey, I hope this website is helpful for you and your family!

-Val 💙