Recommended Tools For Taking Food On-The-Go

Food Allergy Parents take food with us pretty much wherever we go to make sure we have safe food. So what are some of the best containers and tools available to help make this task a little easier? I’ll share my favorite on-the-go food containers and tools below.


If I want a hot meal, I always reach for our Hot Logic Mini warmer. It plugs into an outlet and has a warming tray.

You can warm food up before you leave, in the car (like our van has an outlet in the back), or when you get somewhere like a hotel or friend’s house.

The Pyrex 3-cup rectangular containers fit perfectly and help make eating a warm lunch on the go possible, even if you don’t have access to a microwave or oven.


We have two of these rectangular glass Pyrex containers and always grab one to go in our Hot Logic. You’ll frequently find out Chicken Brats and Hot Dogs from Aldi lined up in one of these so the whole family can have a warm meal on the go.



Honestly, I got sick of buying and throwing away plastic bags. It seemed like such a waste and I knew it was bad for the planet. So, I got a set of stasher bags and fell in love!

Now I have LOTS of stasher bags, which are made from silicone. They’re washable (hand wash or top-rack dishwasher safe). They can go in the freezer or refrigerator. We use these all the time at home and when taking our allergy-safe food on the go.



We take water bottles wherever we go. I’ve tried many different ones and so far these Snug Flask Water Bottles for Kids are my favorite!

They have a straw, the lid closes (keeps out germs, bugs, and dirty fingers), and a carrier ring so it’s easy to carry with just one finger. They’re thin so they fit in cup holders in car seats, cars, and strollers. Plus, the mouth piece is silicone but lasts a lot longer than the other brands we bought, where we were always having to replace the tops.


Finally, this crock-pot lunch warmer is another handy way to eat a warm meal on the go. I bought one of these when I was packing lunches for work every day and hated the long line for the microwave.

You can pack soups, stews, casseroles, pasta, oatmeal in here. I plugged it into the outlet when I got to work in the morning and it was always piping hot whenever I could sneak in bites for lunch. We haven’t used this a ton with the kids yet but as we do longer trips, we’ll take this when we are going somewhere with an outlet but I don’t want to spend a bunch of time cooking, like camping in a camper, hanging at a friend’s house, or staying in a hotel.