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Here’s a one-stop shop for the latest Homeschool Freebies, Giveaways, and Deals perfect for beginner homeschoolers and veterans alike. Blessings on your homeschool year!


Amazon Prime Day Deals

Coming July 21 and 22!

Amazon Deals

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Christianbook Homeschool Deals

Christianbook is a great resource for Homeschool Curriculum, Workbooks, and encouraging Books for Homeschool Parents.

There are secular and Christian options for Math, Language Arts, Science, Bible, History, Handwriting, Spelling, Writing, and more.

Check out the latest Christianbook Homeschool Deal here!

Sonlight Curriculum Deals

A good friend and homeschool mom highly recommends the Sonlight curriculum for History/Bible/Literature.

Check out the Latest Sonlight Curriculum Offers.

Free Homeschool Resources

Here are some awesome homeschool freebies that are always available. These are perfect for families who don’t have or want to spend a lot of money on curriculum.

The Good and the Beautiful Language + Science

The Good and the Beautiful offers their Language Arts Curriculum for levels 1-5 (which is about Grades 1-5) as digital downloads completely free.

Marine Biology Science Unit: The Good and the Beautiful offers a completely free Marine Biology science unit as a free digital download too.

My Father’s World Freebies

My Father’s World is another Christian homeschool curriculum highly recommended by trusted homeschool friends of mine. Here are two freebies they offer to supplement your homeschooling.

Ten Commandments Activity Pack for Preschool and Kindergarten

Brazil Family Unit Study for 1st-8th Grade Exploring Countries and Cultures.

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Free Worksheets, Workbooks, and Coloring Pages

Check Out the Free Homeschool Worksheet page: 1 Million Free Worksheets for Kids Preschool through High School.


We are used some of the Kindergarten and PreK coloring pages and workbook printables for the Human Body and the United States to explore History and Science in our homeschool.

Hoopla: Free Audiobooks for Kids + Adults

Check out Hoopla Digital Website or App to get connected through your local public library. Borrow free audiboooks, movies, ebooks, and music anytime–even if your library is closed.


Our daughter loves listening to all of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I’ve been able to save some of my Audible credits by listening to books from Hoopla instead.

Love getting books for free? Here’s a great article with 7 legit ways to get free audiobooks, print books, and ebooks.

Free Hilldale College Online Courses

History, Politics, Literature, Economics, Philosophy & Religion Courses: from distinguished faculty at Hillsdale College, a reputable classical college in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Featured classes include Constitution 101, The Great American Story, and Classic Children’s Literature.

Complete Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool: Complete Free Online Curriculum, Every grade and subject for Preschool through High School

Free American History YouTube Series

Liberty’s Kids: Free YouTube series of 40 videos that cover the events of the Revolutionary War and the American Revolution. You can also buy this entire series on Amazon if you’d like to take History on the road.

Pups of Liberty: Cartoon videos about pups in history during The Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence.

Homeschool Resources We Use


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