Peanut Free Dog Food + Treats for Peanut Allergy Families


If you search for peanut free dog food or treats, far too often the results are dog treats with peanut in them! This only increases the anxiety of those with peanut allergies to see so many dog treats made with peanuts, but as a peanut allergy mom myself, I knew there had to be safe options out there. So after much research, this article will give you ideas of dog treats and food that do not have peanuts as an ingredient.

Some brands that produce dog food and treats without peanuts include Royal Canin, Stella & Chewy’s, IAMS, Prairie Dog, and Happy Howie’s.

Read below to find some specific dog food and treats made without peanuts, some that are completely peanut-free facilities, and a couple you’ll want to stay away from if you have kids allergic to peanuts.


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Ingredients and manufacturing processes change over time. Please always check ingredients to make sure these suggestions are safe for you and contact companies yourself for more information. While these dog food treats are currently made without peanuts, this does not guarantee a peanut-free facility..

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Peanut Free Dog Food + Treats

1. Royal Canin Dog Food + Treats


Peanut free ingredients

Facility does not process peanuts

Royal Canin is a premium dog food and cat food company that focuses on tailored nutrition for animal’s optimal health. They make for puppies, adult dogs, and mature dogs in the form of dry food, canned food, and treats. Royal Canin even has food tailored for specific breeds of dogs and for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities.

Does Royal Canin Dog Food Contain Peanuts?

No. Royal Canin dog food does not contain any peanuts. Furthermore, their dry facility does not use any tree nuts either.

“Our facilities do not process anything containing peanuts and our dry facilities do not utilize any tree nuts.”


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2. Stella & Chewy’s Dog Food & Treats


Peanut free ingredients

Facility does not process peanuts

Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried dog food and treats have peanut free ingredients and they are all made in a peanut-free facility. In their line-up, you’ll find pure ingredients and raw protein in the form of meal mixers, patties, and treats.

Does Stella & Chewy’s Dog Food Contain Peanuts?

No. Stella & Chewy’s is a peanut free facility that makes dog food and treats without any peanuts.

“Thank you for your email – we understand how difficult allergies can be, both for the pets and pet families!  We can assure you that anything made in a Stella & Chewy’s facility is peanut-free – we can also guarantee that our facilities are peanut free since we don’t use peanuts in any of our products.  You can feel safe recommending any of our raw frozen or freeze-dried dinners/treats, as well as our Raw Coated & Raw Blend kibbles for Dogs.”


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3. Science Diet Dog Food


⚠️ Peanut free ingredients

Facility does process peanuts

A fellow peanut allergy family recommends Science Diet Dog Food (not treats) from under the Hill’s Pet dog food umbrella. While their facilities are not peanut-free and some products made in their facilities use peanuts, if you’re just looking for dog food without peanuts as an ingredient, there are options for you.

We do use peanuts/peanut butter/tree nuts in some of our products. It is possible for a product to come into contact with these ingredients in our manufacturing facilities. We suggest speaking with your trusted pediatrician as well as your trusted veterinarian regarding the pet foods and your child’s allergies.”


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4. IAMS Dog Food


Peanut free ingredients

Peanuts in facility

IAMS dog food was recommended by another peanut allergy family as they have dog food without peanuts as well. There’s even a note that IAMS will cover your annual vet visit when you purchase two bags of IAMS dry dog food.* Read more details about the IAMS Checkup Challenge on Chewy.

As for peanuts in the IAMS facility, I emailed May 2021 and will update after I receive a response.

5. Prairie Dog Treats


Peanut free ingredients

Peanuts in facility

Prairie Dog is a leading manufacturer of specialty dog treats and antlers. In their line of dog treats, you’ll find jerky, pig ears, and sausages.

Prairie Dog Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Treats

The only ingredient in Prairie Dog’s Freezer-Dried Chicken Breast Treats is chicken breast.

Prairie Dog Pig Ear Slices

The only ingredient in these Prairie Dog Smoked Pig Ear Slices is natural pig ear.

Prairie Dog Smoked Pig Ears

The only ingredient in these Prairie Dog Smoked Whole Pig Ear Treats is natural pig ear.

Prairie Dog Beef Liver Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

The only ingredient in the Prairie Dog Beef Liver Freeze-Dried Treats is beef livers.

Prairie Dog Smokehouse Jerky Chicken Dog Treats

In the Smokehouse Jerky Chicken Dog Treats, the ingredients contain chicken, egg, skim milk and a few other ingredients–but no peanuts.

Prairie Dog Texas Sausages Chicken & Sweet Potato

Another peanut-free dog treat by Prairie Dog is Texas Sausages like the Chicken & Sweet Potato treats. The ingredients contain chicken, sweet potato, skim milk, and a few other ingredients–but no peanuts.

6. Purina Pro Plan


⚠️ Peanut free ingredients

Peanuts in facility

Purina Pro Plan dog food is made with dogs’ digestive health in mind and It includes probiotics. Most of their products are peanut free, however, a couple of treats by Purina have peanut butter or peanut butter flavoring as an ingredient.

When I contacted their customer service, they say there are not peanuts or tree nuts in their products or in their facility.

“Please know that none of our products are made with or in a factory that comes in contact with tree nuts, peanuts, or any other type of nuts.”


Although this is a bit confusing, there are plenty of Purina dog food options if you’re just looking for dog food without peanuts as an ingredient.

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7. Happy Howie’s All Natural Dog Treats


Peanut free ingredients

No peanuts in facility

Happy Howie’s All-Natural Dog Treats are meat-based protein dog treats. In Happy Howie’s line-up, you’ll find beef, turkey, and lamb. None of their treats appear to contain peanut butter or peanut butter flavoring.

Do Happy Howie’s Dog Treats Contain Peanuts?

No. Happy Howie’s dog treats and peanut free and tree nut free, as is their facility.

“…There are not any nuts or nut ingredients in our treats or in our plant.”


8. KONG with SunButter or WowButter


An alternative to the classic KONG toy with peanut butter inside as a dog treat, you can substitute SunButter or Wowbutter for peanut butter. Both of these peanut butter alternatives are produced in peanut-free facilities and can be used as dog treats.

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