FREE Printable Nut Free Peanut Free Zone Signs for Classroom


Need a FREE Nut Free or Peanut Free Zone Printable Sign? I’m a food allergy mom and I understand! That’s why I created two FREE Printable PDFs that state No Nuts or No Peanuts for classrooms, daycares, churches, schools, and parents to increase awareness of a No Nut Policy due to food allergies. We’ve even used them at large family gatherings to bring awareness to our peanut free zone.


There are two printable PDFs available: One for Peanut Free Zones and one for Nut Free Zones.

Click the image below or click this link to Download and Print your Free No Peanuts or Tree Nuts Signs.


Another Allergy Awareness Classroom Sign Option

AllerMates makes another excellent option for making classroom visitors, teachers, substitutes, aides, parents, and classmates aware of an allergy within the classroom. On just one page, it tells you who has an allergy, what the allergy is, where the medicine is stored, and who to contact in the case of an emergency. These are great for hanging up or putting in a portfolio. Order it on Amazon.

Thank you for helping keep our kids with severe peanut and tree nut allergies safe.

From one food allergy parent to another,

-Val 💙

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Increase food allergy awareness by taking a second to share this on social media. Having a free nut free sign like these hanging up could save the life of someone with anaphylaxis, airborne, or contact allergies to peanuts or tree nuts.


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