13 Earthley Products We Love & Use Every Day


After using Earthley products for several years, it dawned on me that our entire family uses Earthley products several times a day, every single day. Between my husband, our children, and myself, we use more than a dozen Earthley products daily, and we have another 25+ products we use on occasion for sicknesses or other ailments.

I have loved Earthley from the start because of their clean, natural ingredients, affordable prices, and the fact that they’re made in the USA (check out this Earthley product review to see some of my early favorite products). After several years of using Earthley, these are our family’s tried-and-true favorite Earthley products that we use daily and even pack on vacation!


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1) Nourish Him / Her Naturally


My daughter and I take Nourish Her Naturally every morning. My husband and son take Nourish Him Naturally every morning too.


These multivitamins have healthy ingredients without all the extra sugars and gunk in regular vitamins (especially children’s!) yet they both taste great. Everyone takes these daily without any grumbling.🙌

2) Anti-Inflammatory


Our entire family uses Earthley’s Anti-Inflammatory daily too. Our kids take it as part of their bedtime routine. I take it when I’ve eaten something that typically causes inflammation or after more intense exercise sessions.

My husband takes it sometime throughout the day when he sees it in the bathroom and I’ve noticed he hasn’t needed ibuprofen in a really long time!

3) Cocoa Calm


How am I in my mid-thirties and just realizing the beauty of ashwagandha? I add a small scoop of Cocoa Calm powder to my morning coffee and/or afternoon Dandy Blend to give them a hint of chocolate.

Not only does it make my drinks taste better, I notice an overall feeling of wellness and calmness after.

4) Good Night Lotion (Magnesium Lotion)


Earthley’s Good Night Lotion allows us to topically get more of the essential mineral magnesium that most people are deficient in.

Options are unscented (sensitive skin), original (lavender), and occasionally special scents like Blue Bliss, which is my personal favorite and is available for a limited time right now!

5) Gut Health Oil


Man, gut health is a game-changer. One thing we’ve added to our arsenal for healing our guts, which leads to better immune systems and fewer allergic reactions is Earthley’s Gut Health Oil.

The kids take it as part of their bedtime routine and I take it in the morning before probiotics.

6) Lymphatic Cream


This Lymphatic Cream is another well-loved Earthley product by the kids and me! We both tend to use it in the evening to help drain the lymphatic system.

I also use it if they have swollen glands to help keep things moving.

7) Rosemary-Lavender Shampoo Bar


It’s not the prettiest as it’s half-used in my shower, but I’m a fan of Earthley’s Rosemary-Lavender Shampoo Bar.

I’ve wanted to cut toxic hair products for years but never liked the results. I finally read about how to properly use a shampoo bar and that has made a big difference!

8) Leave-in Conditioner


I use the shampoo bar above to clean my hair and scalp then spray just 1-3 sprays of Earthley’s Leave-in Conditioner on my (very fine) hair after I get out of the shower.

This has worked well enough on my tangles that I’ve been able to forgo regular conditioner altogether. My daughter doesn’t use conditioner yet, but on the rare occasion her hair gets really tangly, I use this.

9) Exfoliating Cleanser


The other product I use in the shower is Earthley’s Exfoliating Cleanser to clean and exfoliate my face.

I know most exfoliating products say to only use them 1-2 times per week, but this is gentle enough on my skin that I use it daily.

10) Tame the Beard Oil


My husband uses Tame the Beard oil on his beard to keep it in check. We both enjoy the rustic scent but there is unscented as well.

If you know someone with a disheveled beard or someone who uses a beard oil full of questionable ingredients, this is great and completely natural.

11) Energy Plus


I used to only use Energy Plus sporadically when I was really drained, and I didn’t notice much of a difference. BUT now that I’ve used it consistently late morning-early afternoon, I seem to be able to last until bedtime without crashing.

Note: I’ve also added in regular exercise and cut back on coffee, which also helps prevent the 1-3 pm crash. These are great natural ways I’ve experienced less fatigue and more energy.

12) Sleepy Time Drops


Sleepy Time herbal extract from Earthley is another staple in our kids’ bedtime routine. Whether it’s in their head or actually working, I’m not sure, but they sleep much better than they used to and they even ask for these drops on vacation, so we keep at it.

I use them once in a while if I’ve had a hard time sleeping or know it’s bedtime but can’t quite wind down yet. I typically rub the Good Night Lotion on my belly and take the Sleepy Time drops before brushing my teeth and turning in for the night.

13) Elderberry Elixir for Kids


Last, but not least, on our daily routine of Earthely products is Elderberry Elixir for kids. This is another one of the drops the kids take before bedtime.

I’ll take some too if I’m fighting a virus or I’ve been around others who were sick. It honestly tastes great and that is why the kids like it as the last drop of the day before bedtime.

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Where to Order Earthley Products

I always order directly from Earthley because it wasn’t an option to order anywhere else. They have so many products for Body, Skin, Hair, and Nutritional Support, Baby, Herbal Remedies, and Home Care.

Now Earthley products are becoming more common on Amazon, so you have that option too.

I will likely start carrying some of the more popular items at my house soon since many people have asked if I had extra stuff on hand. So if you’re a local friend and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, send me a message to see if I have anything on hand or let me know which products you’d like me to keep in stock.


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